INDIGO – Boost Your Insight!

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For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to the University of Life. In the previous “classes” we laid the groundwork for this course—The Color of Wellness, and looked at the therapeutic properties of the colors red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Today’s palette features the color Indigo.Indigo is associated with self-reflection, intuition, and intellectual wellness. It enhances imagination, and understanding. Indigo is a combination of deep blue and violet and holds the attributes of both these colors. It’s the color of ripe blueberries. Think of a deep blue midnight sky, the plumage of male indigo buntings in the summer, or a bottomless mountain lake.

The positive properties of indigo are expressed as visionary, wise, inspired, deep, intuitive, empathetic, broadminded, and sensible perspective.

The negative properties of indigo are described as fearful, arrogant, deluded, isolated, and over idealistic.

The healing properties of indigo are sedative and can address physical symptoms such as hearing, sight, sinus issues, nerves, insomnia, and negative states of mind that include paranoia, over-sensitivity, obsession, and hysteria.

When you need a boost in the areas of intuition and self-reflection, indulge yourself with this color. The frequency of indigo stimulates the brow chakra; also known as the third-eye center. It enhances our sense of knowing and helps us to better understand the big picture; to see clearly.

Are you drawn to pure indigo? It calls to mind the emotions of the sea; promoting responsibility and trust in personal intuition. Or do you prefer the noble shaded tones that exude deep thought, contemplation, inner calm and balance? The frequency of indigo enhances our ability to see things from a higher viewpoint rather than from ego, personal satisfaction or material comfort.

What we do with our physical environment—our personal space—speaks to our heart and helps us to flourish. Buy a piece of indigo clothing. Add a splash of indigo to your décor with flowers, pillows, a candle or a throw. Set the stage for nighttime dreams by painting the ceiling in your bedroom indigo. Or take advantage of the healing frequency of indigo crystals such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, or sapphire.

A special thank you to Joseph’s Market for allowing me to take photographs in their produce department.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

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21 thoughts on “INDIGO – Boost Your Insight!

  1. Thank you a hundred thousand times! I have always had trouble visualizing the difference between blue and indigo. It has been a challenge. You have made it very, very clear! I am totally drawn to indigo. It is stunning. How fun it is coming to class.

    • Good morning, Miss Kathy! You’re the first one to class, and sitting right in the front row, I see. They say, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” I agree. When you can actually SEE blue and indigo, the difference is clear:

      Blue speaks of the early morning sky.
      Indigo speaks of ocean depths.

      I’m not in the least surprised that you are drawn to this brow chakra color — the place of intuitive knowing. Nope, not surprised in the least.

  2. I am like Kathy, Laurie. Now I think I might recognize indigo when I see it — the reference to the color of blueberries helped.

    Note, please, that I am not late to class today!

    You are giving me all sorts of wonderful ideas. I am beginning my color collection so that when I sit down to a meditation, depending upon what I need, I will have my colors right there to select for support. Sometimes, they might even be the object of my meditation. There is something very mindful about color selection and matching it to my feelings and where I might need support or a closer connection.

    Great class. I am going to give you good ratings at

    • Barbara – You’re not even remotely late. In fact, you’re earlier than most! I’m excited to hear about your plans for color meditation — you are going to be amazed at the outcomes 🙂

  3. Ah, I know now what colour to choose for my Taking Refuge. Thank you ! I have to go to a candle atelier because they make just the colour you want.

    Question : I notice that some emotions are connected to different chacra’s for example fear : I don’t feel anything in the 3the eye, but my solar plexus gets blokked or I have to go to the toilet all the time. When do you know what chacra is not balanced when it is not about yourself. Asking the cliënt what he/she feels.

    • Elke – It’s a wonderful color for your Taking Refuge — perfect!

      [As for your questions … look in the paperwork you have in hand. You’ll see the organs, glands, systems and sub-systems that are governed by each chakra. So when a clients says, “I have lower back pain” and they touch where their kidney’s are located to show you, you know the association is with the solar plexus chakra (yellow). Having to go to the bathroom all the time (urinary issue) is associated with the sacral chakra (orange). Headaches are associated with the brow chakra (indigo), and so on.]

  4. Well, Lauie, I immediately think of BLUEBERRIES, which are widely considered a “wonderfood” by nutritionalists. Perhaps no other food offers so many health benefits, validating and expanding the information you provide here in the ‘healing properties.’

    It’s a rather mysterious color, brooding and nocturnal, but it yields exquisite beauty as well.

    • Sam – I’m so glad you popped in! I love the verbal picture you painted when you said, “It’s a rather mysterious color, brooding and nocturnal, but it yields exquisite beauty as well.”

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  6. Ahhh maybe my love of the sea is for both its blues and its indigo… but for sure I am drawn in and rest easy in its breath-like movement.

    I had a bedroom once on the west side of my home by the sea. I painted the walls blueberry blue. I still have some of it in a jar. I can’t seem to part with it but have found nothing yet to paint this most favourite of colours.

    When I had my aura photographed a few years ago… it was the colour indigo and shining in a large circle around me… I wonder if it would be the same today?

    Stunning posts Laurie and they bring up so much.

    • Terrill – My love of the sea is second only to that of the mountains, where I feel vaulted into the sky. Blueberry colored walls in a bedroom by the sea — there’s a book in there somewhere, I’m sure of it!

      Ahhhh, the indigo circle around you in the aura photograph is very telling (and not surprising, in the least). You are very knowing (a great gut instinct in your head, you can make accurate snap judgments without benefit of fact — in other words, intuitive). I’m fairly confident that if it were to be taken again today you would see an addition of what would look like at least one “see through” gold column — the energy of ascendeded masters accompanies you.

      • Readers – A promising “color carrot” has been dangled by Sam Juliano over at Wonders in the Dark. In today’s Monday Morning Diary (Oct 4) he says:

        EQUINOX FLOWER, seen on Sunday morning at the IFC Film Center with my friend Andrew Scala is a color masterwork by Ozu that stands with his best films. I will have much more to say on my round-up in November.

      • Laurie I am very curious about your thoughts regarding a possible gold column and “the energy of ascendeded masters” Is this something you can expand upon?

      • Terrill – I’ll do my best to share with you what I mean by “the energy of ascended masters.”

        An ascended master is someone who served humanity in a profound way. Their energy (vibration/frequency) is very high and very fast. In human terms, you could liken it to a steady frequency of pure white light.

        Examples of ascended masters include Buddha, Christ, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi — you get the idea.

        People who are alive now, who when they pass away their energy will most likely be that of an ascended master include the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh. (Mind you, this is my opinion.)

        Ascended Masters work with individual people throughout humankind energetically (sort of like an invisible Siamese twin, they’re with you wherever you go) working with your energy subtly in the background. Sometimes it’s even through dreamwork.

        When the energy of an ascended master is present in an individual, their own energy (vibtation/frequency) becomes much higher and faster. Their own mind becomes much more focused on humankind, and they display beautiful heart-based living.

        Does that explanation help?

      • Yes Laurie that does help and it even makes sense to me but in ways I don’t quite have words for – subtle and yet piercingly direct. Now (gulp!) she begins tentatively… can I strengthen these relationships in my being and doing? Or is it just the way I am being and doing already? … hummm I think maybe this may be better approach from a private session with you. Will send email.

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  8. This helps explain why I am so attached to and comfortable in my denims, as they slowly fade from indigo to blue over the years… Love the pictures!

    • Barbara – Isn’t it interesting how we’re drawn by certain colors (and in some cases, repelled by others)? I love my blue jeans too — the older, the better 🙂

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