ORANGE – Increase Your Sense of Delight!

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For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to the University of Life. In the previous “classes” we laid the groundwork for this course—The Color of Wellness, and looked at the therapeutic properties of the color red. Today’s palette features the color Orange.

Orange is associated self-gratification, pleasure, and occupational wellness. It enhances happiness, independence, and confidence. It’s the color of molten lava. Think of a robin’s feathered breast, a mouth-watering tangerine, the velvet wings of a monarch butterfly, the impish grin of a jack-o-lantern glowing on Halloween, or the life vest you wore in the boat at summer camp. Remember the taste of Orange Crush as the bubbles hit the back of your throat?

The positive properties of orange are expressed as joyful, enthusiastic, spontaneous, optimistic, sporting, good-humored, gregarious, and sensual.

The negative properties of orange are described as over-indulgent, dependent, free-loading, deceptive, and superficial.

The healing properties of orange are warming and energizing and can address physical symptoms such as low vitality, poor appetite, indigestion, cramps/strained muscles, joint pains, and negative states of mind such as listlessness, boredom, sadness, and inhibition. Orange fosters sociability and helps us to assimilate new things, and to unclog emotional energy that can get trapped in the lower abdomen,

When you need a boost in the areas of pleasure and self-gratification, indulge yourself with this color. The frequency of orange emboldens us to take in what we truly need from life and to let go of what no longer serves us.

Are you drawn to a vivid orange? Combined with the drama of red and the cheerfulness of yellow, pure orange is luminous, bright, glowing, and bold. Or maybe you prefer more muted and shaded tones that offer a bright but subtle glow that is restful, earthy, natural, and soothing.

What we do with our physical environment—our personal space—speaks to our heart and helps us to flourish. Buy a piece of orange clothing, or add a splash of orange to your décor with flowers, pillows, a candle, or a throw. Paint a wall apricot. Or take advantage of the healing frequency of orange crystals such as carnelian, sunstone, or moonstone that has a hint of peach or a shade of apricot.

A great big thank you to Joseph’s Market for allowing me to take photographs in their produce department.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

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38 thoughts on “ORANGE – Increase Your Sense of Delight!

  1. Orange you glad you posted this blog? lol! Sorry, had to say that before someone else did. This was a very helpful post that explained much more about the second chakra. Thank you! (Bought a red sweater and two green shirts at Goodwill yesterday. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about green.)

    • Kathy – You crack me up! Yes in deed, orange and the second chakra (sacral) go hand-in-hand. And once we understand what each particular energy center (chakra) governs in the body, mind, and spirit, we can take action steps to help them heal with energy-based modalities, including the use of color.

  2. laurie,

    Orange ! Hmmm? not one of my fav colors, yet I think I could use some of the color orange in my healing, mid – afternoon is slow down time for me.

    I did just decorate with seasonal flowers of orange/red/yellow with a touch of deep purple… with the fragrance of Cininnmon, nutmeg, etc…

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – I can soooooo see you with a piece of dark orange (like a burnt orange) piece of carnelian. You probably even have a piece among your stones. The season flower arrangement sounds gorgeous!

  3. Yet again, impressively interesting.
    Lately, I’ve been drawn to vivid orange. I now have two t-shirts in this colour.
    Why? I wondered.
    Now, thanks to you, I know.
    Years I suffered a crisis. I’ve been carrying the pain of this event with me for many years. Last April I started do work on addressing this pain.
    Two years ago I was diagnosised as having IBS (a digestive disorder).
    Oh, what a beautiful colour!

    • Leanne – I’m glad to know you’re gaining some valuable knowledge and now you can work with your clothes closet somewhat like a medicine cabinet. As far as your digestive order is concerned, have your tried George’s Aloe Vera? It’s a “miracle” for many people with stomach/intestinal/colon issues. You can just Google it and find lots more information.

      • Grace – I’m so glad you jumped in with that confirmation regarding Aloe Vera. The reason I typically recommend “George’s” brand is because it has no taste and is the consistency of water. In other words, you can drink it straight without wrinkling up your nose in distaste. Welcome to Speaking from the Heart. I hope you’ll drop by again.

  4. I was at a school blod drive today earlier, I have a pass to get back into classs, sorry I am late.

    I love orange, but probaby pick yellows and blues first. Just today I boughT a yellow hooded sweatshirt at Wal Mart!

    Interesting that I crave Orange Crush when I am out of town on business.


    • Kim – Donating blood is a way-more-than-acceptable reason for being late to class. I’m glad you slipped into the back with your yellow hoodie. But you’ve got to leave the bottle of Orange Crush outside in the hallway … a spill on a laptop could be very sticky business!

    • Beth – Having been in your home, I think a dark rich orange color in your family room would be FANTASTIC! Once you’ve done it, I hope you’ll come back and post a photo. Or better yet, post it on your blog and leave a link here for us all to follow over 🙂

  5. Well, here I am a day late to class. I love the luminescent orange color of some of the trees here in Maryland during the fall season. There is something pleasing and comforting in that particular color and its contrast against the green leaves of other trees is spectacular. During the summer when all of the trees have green leaves, it is difficult to differentiate between them, but comes autumn the different oranges, yellows, and browns specific to each tree suddenly allow me to actually see the tree. I have very little orange in my wardrobe, but you have inspired me to move it to the top of my wish list.

    • Barbara – A day late is okay because this is the type of information that doesn’t go stale — it stays fresh indefinitely. I enjoyed reading the word picture you painted of the trees in Maryland. How about some bright orange under-britches for when you’re playing tennis? It would definitely raise your energy level (put a tiger in your tank, so to speak), and maybe distract the other players so much that all you’d have to do is simply walk on the court and win, Win, WIN!!

  6. Laurie, I’m also an orange on-again, off-again person when it comes to to clothing and living space. Probably more off than on. But the color in nature is so beautiful and I’ve always been strongly drawn in that direction. Used to love the combination of orange and purple in our gardens.

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  8. Laurie, thanks so much for that as always!

    In the cinema, the most famous title with the color orange is Stanley Kubrick’s A CLOCKWORK ORANGE based on the equally famous English novel by Anthony Burgess. One persuasive interpretation is as follows:

    “This title alludes to the protagonist’s positively conditioned responses to feelings of evil which prevent the exercise of his free will. With this technique, the subject’s emotional responses to violence are systematically paired with a negative stimulation in the form of nausea caused by an emetic medicine administered just before the presentation of films depicting violent, and “ultra-violent” situations.”

    Still, the positive and healing powers of this rich and textured color have always drawn me in with a sence of well-being and artistic appreciation. Orange juice, and the prevailing color of my favorite season, autumn, when the orange of the pumpkins is scenically intoxicating.

    • Sam – If I remember correctly, I had my hands over my eyes for most of “Clockwork Orange.” I don’t do well with disturbing movies and that was one of the first/last ones I’ve ever seen.

      Like you, my favorite season is autumn with the turning leaves, the brightly colored gourds, the smell of outdoor bonfires in the evening, and the mosquitos have packed their bags and left 🙂

  9. Laurie I still remember when you commented on my post Orange Day at I am deeply attracted to an orange yellow like in this post and like in

    I do not wear the colour as my porcelain white skin just doesn’t like any shade of orange near my face. I turn yellow in not a good way. I do keep it around me though as an accent colour.

    Great post Laurie! Now I am off to see what yellow and green have to say for themselves.

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  11. Orange is my favourite colour. I can safely say that I have both the positive and, shamefully, a measure the negative aspects mentioned above. Next fav colour is green going there now…..

      • Kerry – When I was 7, my parents let me “decorate” my room by myself. I used orange and green — a great combination. And while the presence of orange has diminished, green has remained a primary influence.

      • Wow – for me it is just the opposite. I was all green and orange and then loved green but now green takes a back seat to orange. Interestingly it has done this since I moved to the countryside and took up walking a lot. I am surrounded by green and still love it but I search out orange.

      • Kerry – Maybe you “drink in” enough green in your countryside walks that you don’t have to search it out. While orange, on the other hand, isn’t quite as readily available in your nature walks (unless it’s autumn)…

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