100th Post Celebration!

I gave birth to this blog—Speaking from the Heart—on February 21st of this year. As you know, I post on the even-numbered days of the month. And wouldn’t you know it; today’s my one-hundredth post. Whoohoo!

[Hearing “Walking on Sunshine” playing loudly in the background, you kick up your feet and join in the dancing.]

Laurie and Len Dancing

A special thank you to each and every one of you for stopping by this blog whether you leave a comment, or simply enjoy it quietly from the background. In the past months, we’ve shared the opportunity to talk about: energy medicine, the environment, bicycling, living a green lifestyle, healing, writing, personal growth, spiritual awareness, sustainable living, and many other topics.

I appreciate the distance you travel, with reader representation from Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, France, Belgium, The Bahamas, and all across the United States.

Back in June, I shared that after Labor Day I would present another class, The Color of Wellness. Well, it’s time to sharpen those number-two pencils because class starts the day after tomorrow, on the 18th.

Please remember:
– Arrive bright and early
– Turn off your cell phone
– No gum
– Class participation is appreciated
– If you bring a snack, bring enough for everyone

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26 thoughts on “100th Post Celebration!

  1. yippee,
    I love being in class.
    Congt’s on your blog, its hard work to keep it up but you showed great commitment.
    I look forward to your next class but in the mean time; I’m off to work out at the gym, and restock my display at the museum, and this part is the exciting part. I’m going to make a homemade meditation tape because I’m hosting a meditation and fire intention at my home next Thursday night. Just being a member of your blog has opened my energies up to new possibilities.
    Enjoy your day,

    P.S. Sky fair 2010 at the AlAero Airport in Elko, NV was a blast.
    Kerry and I took the helicopter ride this year.
    I recommend everyone should take a helicopter ride.
    Yes, I am just knocking off that buckey list.
    Next year I’m going on the Bi-Plane.
    Sit back and enjoy,
    you can hit any of the pictures to zoom in or even slow down this slide, it kinda moves fast.


    • Jean – You go, girl! Hosting a meditation and fire intention — well that’s pretty darn cool! I’m going to want to hear all about it on Friday — please come back and let us know. I’m heading over to your slide show now, thanks for the link.

      Ohhhhhh, I had to open this comment back up and say how REALLY NEAT that “Smile Box” slideshow presentation is. Len watched it with me the second time — he’s a pilot — and enjoyed it as well!

  2. Congratulations, indeed! Lovin’ it…100 posts! And look at your hits, Laurie. Just zoomed over the 13,000 mark. You are doing fine…look how many of us love what you’re sharing. Every time I come over here I can feel your rose-colored energy filling any nooks and crannies that need fillling. Blessings and can’t wait for Post #200! No, never mind, will just stay in the present moment and love post #100. 🙂

    • Hello Miss Kathy! Thank you for swinging by and joining in the celebration, I sure do appreciate it. “Rose-colored energy” — would eminate from the “P” chakra (aka Higher Heart) — that’s quite a compliment, thank you 🙂

  3. Congratulations on actually writing and posting 100 blogs here, Laurie. It takes commitment to do that faithfully (although I note that you get two days off in a row at the end of months with 31 days). Color is my best subject, by the way, so I am very much looking forward to The Color of Wellness. Also, I wonder if I can have an exception to the chewing gum rule. If I don’t chew gum, I will eat and I am not sure I can afford to feed all the people who will also be taking the course. I promise not to smack my gum or blow bubbles. I can afford to bring a piece for everyone in the class, too.

    • Barbara – I’m glad you’re looking forward to class. Okay, you can chew gum because you promised not to smack it or blow bubbles. But you can only share with others who make you that same promise. My hands will be full, so you’ll have to be the Honorary Bubble Gum Police.

      [The two days off in a row on months with 31 days was not lost on me either :)] …

  4. Laurie. Congratulations on your achievement of 100 blog posts! I would have enjoyed your class. However, I will be unable to attend. I will be observing Yom Kippur with my family. Have a joyful day tomorrow! Best wishes, Sheila

  5. Warm congratulations Laurie. It’s been such a pleasure to follow your blog. It has been thought provoking, soul searching, a “remembering and learning” experience and always fun 🙂

    • Colleen – I’m so glad you enjoy reading Speaking from the Heart. Thank you for taking the time to let me know; I sincerely appreciate it. I enjoy reading and responding to the comments and seeing how similar, yet different, we all are.

    • Ted – The warmer you guys are getting, the cooler we’re getting. It’s only fair though, it’s our turn to share the sun. I’m so glad you’re tucking into your yardwork and gardening, and tree planting and all the good outdoor activity. I find that type of activity is great for clearing the cobwebs out of my head. Thank you for stopping in and the well-wishes, I sure do appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

  6. Golly Moses! Has it already been that long? I suppose it has and a great big Hoo-Rah (!) to you for sticking it out! On the other hand, how could you not? You were born to write like I was born to dig…… constantly.

    • Sandi – I just left a message for you over on Gaia a few minutes ago. I hope your day has been terrific! Thanks for stopping by. Class — The Color of Wellness — starts tomorrow (even though it’s Saturday). I hope you’ll stop by if you’re so inclined. Tell the Chicken Ladies and Barney that I said hello.

  7. Congratulations Laurie!!!!

    I don’t know how I missed this post until today but I am showing up with bells on my toes and flowers in my hair…

    Walking on sunshine Whoa… hoooo! And doesn’t it feel good!

    big hugs as always Terrill

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