3 B’s and a Yahoo!

Sunday we rolled out of bed at 4am and arrived near Wilmot Mountain in Wisconsin by 6am to get our wrist-bands to ride 50-miles of the Harmon Hundred bicycle ride.

It’s very early and plenty cold; about 49-degrees. Roughly 5 miles into the ride we hear gun shots! Oh Lordy! we think. We look around only to see a duck blind on the side of a hill. At this we cheer the ducks and geese on:  fly, Fly, FLY! Then it dawns on us, some hunters are wont to drink and hunt simultaneously. In our high-visibility yellow jerseys we make pretty easy targets; we pick up the pace!

Len Riding Point

There are two designated rest stops on the 50-mile route. Long before we reach the first one, we’re overcome by scent mirages. We’re both certain that we smell French toast, waffles, pancakes, warm maple syrup, honey-whipped butter, raspberry jelly, and hot coffee. Our minds are playing wishful tricks on us.

First Rest Stop

In the state of Wisconsin, courtesy dictates that you give “a” finger (not “the” finger) when you pass another person. This is true whether you’re on a tractor, in a truck, or on a bicycle. It’s easy; you simply lift your index finger, while nodding and smiling at the other person until they’re past.

Giving "A" Finger (Not "The" Finger)

When we got to where the second stop should have been mile-wise, we realized that we missed a turn. I’m no longer sweet, loving, kind, and thoughtful. Rather, I’m tired, sore, cranky, and hungry. After multiple additional miles, we arrive at the second rest stop, butt weary.

Second Rest Stop

Our total ride was 62 miles, not 50. We averaged 11.34 miles per hour, with our fastest speed being 28.67 mph. The actual riding time—pedals in motion—was 5 hours and 26 minutes.

End Of The Ride

We get home in the nick of time for showers and decent clothes before we’re back out the door and off to the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park (the historic Dole Mansion) in Crystal Lake where our friend, Kris Hayden, hosted a book signing for her newly published book, “Under the Eaves.” Here’s a LINK to her website if you’re interested in learning more about her book. From here we continue on to …

Kris Hayden Far Right (Short Dark Hair and Glasses)

… a multiple birthday celebration for Eoghan, Kayley’s brother-in-law Ryan, and Kayley’s grandmother, Effie. As you can see, a good time was had by all.

Birthday Celebration - Effie, Ryan, and Eoghan

Kayley and Eoghan


Kayley and Eoghan - Smoochin'

It was a whirlwind of a day, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. When we got home we crashed saying, “Yahoo, tomorrow we’re closed! We’ll just sit like two bumps on a log and contemplate the speed at which hair grows on our knees—nothing more strenuous than that!”

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

16 thoughts on “3 B’s and a Yahoo!

  1. HA! See! I knew y’all were partying all weekend! Well, maybe not Saturday but you crammed enough activity into Sunday to make a 3-weekend of it. Beautiful countryside, it must be very relaxing and pleasant to ride 60+ miles on a chill Sunday morning. I could have done it…with a gun at my back. Book signings and Birthday parties! Yee Haw! and bring on the refreshments. I see Eoghan’s heart is on the mend, I am very glad for him.

    • Sandi – Your comment (with a gun at my back) made me laugh. You could do it just fine. The only part that’s hard is if you don’t time your “gotta go now!” moments with the rest stops. We’re happy for Eoghan too 🙂

  2. So did you Laurie? Did you really “sit” on Sunday? ;)))) I am giggling because I am wondering if you can really do it – watch hair grow on your knees… or did you just take a quick glance before starting tai chi at dawn? In loving kindness and joy for all that you are. Terrill

  3. Do you guys even realize how inspiring you are? 62 miles? It’s almost like you want to read that six times before your brain realizes that Laurie and Len rode their bikes 62 miles!! And then you continued on to party… Well, our hats are off to you. I’m actually on my knees in amazement. 🙂

    • Kathy – It was a gorgeous ride. I don’t know how many participants there were, but Len figures multiple hundreds. To our knowledge there were no accidents (although I was prepared with my FULL first aid kit). You’ve got to remember that 50 miles was what we intended; 62 miles was the result of a wrong turn. I can tell you my legs (and behind) were achin’ bacon for each and every one of the 12 unintended miles.

  4. 62 miles, a books signing, and parties? How much energy do you have???? I had to take a rest stop just reading about it. It is a good thing that you managed to find that rest stop. I would not want to be on the receiving end of a Laurie who was hungry, tired, cranky, and butt weary.

    • Barbara – You know me very well. Mean, vicious, tired, and cranky is the result of not having a bathroom when you expect one (and need it desperately), when you expect food and there’s not any, and when you expect to give your legs/butt a rest and you can’t. Once all of those things were taken care of, my horns vanished back underneath my hair and I became polite once again. But it was touch and go for awhile, just ask poor Len …

  5. First of all, PLEASE tell Len to make sure that next time I have an appt schedled that Laurie has rested, ate and gone to the restroom first…”+”LOL

    WOW…Can next course be Biking 101 ninus a hundred!
    Starting with just the thoughts of even thinking you can get out of the house, even before deciding to get on a bike!……Next class training wheels……

    My best to 2oghan, and Ryan(dressed for the occasion!)

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