A Delightful Visit from a Gaia Friend

Ben and Laurie

Early this week we had a visit from my Gaia friend, Ben. Many of the rest of you know him, too. He drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to help celebrate his Dad’s 80th birthday, and while he was in the greater Chicagoland area, he came to HolEssence for a wonderful visit.

Let me tell you, the pleasure was all ours! What beautiful energy and heart this man has. Look at the photograph, you can just see it.

If you’re ever in our neck of the woods—Crystal Lake, Illinois—I hope you’ll stop in for a visit.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

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30 thoughts on “A Delightful Visit from a Gaia Friend

  1. Well, again, I am as envious as I can be of Ben! To get to meet you (and Len) in person would be such a delight. To get to visit HolEssence and take a lesson from you would be one of my top ten experiences. I know the universe will send me the opportunity someday and I very much look forward to it.

  2. Hi there Laurie,Enjoying your blogs.
    I felt a little like this when I talked with Tai by phone when I was transiting thru London a month ago.
    All the best to you and your family.

  3. I had to come FLYING over to your blog this morning to see about your time with Ben! Oh how I love the picture of the two of you! You both look radiant! Not only do I want to visit Crystal Lake one of these days…also want to visit Nashville, Tennessee. We shall see what avenues the spirit opens. (once I went to a Carolyn Myss workshop in Chicago with a friend.. it was on the outskirts. Wonder if that was near Crystal Lake? And also once drove down for a Voice Dialogue workshop that enriched my entire existence. That was in the northern suburbs somewhere.)

    Love to you this day, Laurie!

    • Kathy– Isn’t that a fun picture?! Ben’s personal energy signature was a distinct pleasure to work with. Carolyn Myss is in the Oak Park area — about an hour by car. Did you go to the workshop at CMED (her educational facility), or did you go to one of the big event arenas — she can pack a huge crowd!

  4. Laurie, such lovely generosity of spirit….both of you!
    I came to Gaia just as it was closing from it’s last site but could see, even in that very short time, how deeply connected and committed people had become….to their fellow Gaians and to the Gaian community. I felt sad watching it close even thought I really hadn’t been part of it. So many like-minded people connected in so many different ways. It must have been wonderful in its time.

  5. Gaia.com may have gone away, but the Gaia community has actually continued in our wonderful relationships. This is a such a treat, to share your joy.

  6. What fun Laurie! I loved the spontaneous interaction we shared on Gaia. I do so miss our mornings at “Question of the Day.” I would so love to meet you and Len. Here’s a video I know you’ll appreciate;

    Love & Huggs, Jeannie

    • Jeannie – Oh gosh how that spontaneous interaction could make me laugh until I cried. We had so much fun! The old Gaia platform was the best. It was like we all hung out over our back fences and visited with each other. Thank you so much for the link to the YouTube clip. That was a well-spent 10 minutes. I can see in the right-hand column that there are more to view, and will definitely make time to do so. Have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Laurie,

    What a wondrous experience! You both are shinning brightly!
    I know last year went I went up to Princeton NJ to meet Lisa E who was Gaia friend, it was filled with laughter and warmth. I was hoping for another visit before summer is over.
    And if I drive down to Maryland for a get away I am going to try to see if I can meet up with Barbara ! Wouldn’t that be fun!!!

    I am Love, Jeff

  8. Oh Laurie how wonderful! Hello to Ben. Someday Laurie you and I are going to drink the biggest pot of tea in the same room and laugh until tears roll down our faces. If I ever get the chance you know I am going to come a knockn’. And I am glad Ben did.

    I’ve had two gaia friends come to visit – Sherrilene and Nicole. Amazing experiences.

    • Right back atcha, Terrill. I am sooooooo going to visit you in your beautiful home on Mayne Island, I just know it. I don’t know how or when, but it will come about — I can feel it in my bones.

      I remember the photographs from your two separate visits with Sherrilene and Nicole. I remember feeling the warmth of the energy they stirred – it was wonderful.

  9. I can tell you Laurie that I am still feeling the wonderful benefits of the Reflexology, Vibrational Therapy, and Crystal Energy Balancing treatments.

    I am smiling so BIG because I felt so clean, clear, and balanced! I have had a really tough year at work and my energy and emotions were out of balance. Also, I can tell you from the treatment Len gave me I was full of toxins I had no idea were in my body. My eye sight actually shapened after the treatments which shocked me.

    Yes, I wanted to meet Laure and Len, and I also intuitively knew that I needed some help to get back in balance and energize. My energy felt rough and out of wack.

    Now if this was about having some treatments, feeling better, and connecting that would have been enough. What Laurie does that no other healthcare professional has ever done for me was that she treated and inquired at all levels mind, body, and spirit. I felt better physically, I felt heard and understood mentally and emotionally, and my spirit felt connected with and heard at a level beyond words. Not only that, Laurie sent me away with instructions, knowledge, and a crystal water treatment I can’t wait to start when I get home. I mean the gifts received were amazing and just kept coming! I was really amazed by that part of it.

    Laurie picked up on apects of my true nature that people who have known me a lifetime don’t know, see, or feel. Seriously! That was amazing and so gratifying on so many levels. To be cared for that way, and pentrated to the core sincerely was\is the future for healing and healthcare in my view. I felt priviledged, honored, and so grateful for the experience. I shall return! I recommend the experience for anyone… highly!

    Oh and Kathy, with Len being right there I was doing all I could to keep from giving her a big fat kiss on the cheek. Kathy likes to expose my shy side. She has a knack for it. ;o)

    Thanks so much Laurie! It was one of the pinnacles of my trip! I had a couple of humdingers and this was a lasting memory for me to repeat as much as possible. Thank Len for me graciously.

    You are my kind of folks!
    Much Love,

    • OK, Ben, I’m tempted to hop in the car RIGHT NOW!!! Unfortunately, I just googled and it’s 400 miles…

      Sounds like you had a lovely time indeed. Loved reading what you wrote!

      • Kathy – Our mutual friend, Kim, is halfway up there right now. She’s up in Egg Harbor (Fish Creek), Wisconsin. The problem is up just isn’t enough. You’re Waaaaaaaay Uuuuuuuuup! But I do plan on visiting your neck in the woods some summertime day — not this summer, maybe next. I’ll avoid a winter visit — probably get lost in a snow bank 🙂

    • Ben – [blushing profusely – thank you for the compliments]. I’m so glad that you shared here about your experience at HolEssence. Not only did I enjoy meeting you in person, but it was wonderful working with your energy. As I told you during your session, you have the energy of a healer. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

      How was your dad’s 80th birthday?

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