Happy 4th of July!

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A red, white and blue bouquet to help you celebrate the 4th of July!

And regardless of the date, remember to always

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

P.S. I hope you’re enjoying today’s school break. See you back in class on Tuesday, July 6th.

15 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

    • Kim – I did get out on my bicycle during the “in-betweens” yesterday to clear my head. Willa, Lexi, and Claire were okay last night — the neighbors didn’t set off any fireworks, the city did — but they were in the distance (about two miles) so there wasn’t a frantic sense of duck-and-cover.

  1. Happy 4th of July Laurie and pretty sweet slideshow there! See you on Tuesday but I think I have to review my notes cause if I remember right you asked me a question in the last post that I haven’t answered yet. [[[[[hug]]]]] a real squeezer!

    • Terrill – Hands that hover can be equally effective to hands that touch. I can remember when David was in the hospital and I did distance work on him in the evenings — that was a 2,000 mile “hover.” A person who doesn’t have an energetic shell (or one that’s thin or damaged) can boost and/or repair it simply by carrying (or wearing) a crystal. Kirlian photography shows the measurable difference in the size of a person’s energy shell (aura) in “before” and “after” photos. I wear a lithium quartz pendant. Len switches between green tourmaline, amber, and clear quartz. For David, I would highly recommend incorporating the use of a clear quartz piece — it’s referred to as the “Master Healer” for good reason. He can simply carry it in his pocket.

    • Kim – Feel free to park in the HolEssence parking lot as we’re closed today (I’m sure lots of other people will have the same bright idea). I’m going to avoid the parade (which starts at 1pm) as I head to my first Thermogram appointment (thermogram as opposed to mammorgram).

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