Elixirs and Essences – Cheers!

Elixirs by Laurie Buchanan

Elixirs by Laurie Buchanan

Gem Elixir is the name given to a fluid that has been infused with the energies of a crystal, either through the power of sunlight or moonlight. Simply put, elixirs and essences are water in which a crystal has been placed during the infusion process. Water has the ability to hold energy patterns intact for long periods of time, therefore making this an ideal medium for capturing the therapeutic and metaphysical properties of a stone.

Sunlight is traditionally used for elixirs that are designed for aiding the physical body, while moonlight is traditionally used for elixirs that are directed toward emotional, mental, or spiritual needs.

Elixirs can be used for healing, or whenever you need to take in the energies of a particular crystal. They’re easy to make and are very effective for a variety of purposes — especially for long-term healing. But first, let’s talk about the difference between an elixir and an essence:

An elixir is meant for ingestion — you take it orally. Not all crystals can be used as ingredients in elixir making.

Please see the warning section at the bottom of this page.

An essence is meant for topical use — applied to the skin. Here are some examples of essences you can apply to an afflicted area of the body that you wish to treat. You can also use an essence in a bath:

Amethyst – acne
Blue Lace Agate – puffy eyes
Moss Agate – athletes foot
Rhodonite – minor cuts and abrasions
Rose Quartz – burns

To make an elixir or an essence, first you need to determine the crystal that matches your need. An excellent reference book to help you accomplish this task is ‘Gemstone Healing Guide, A Healing Apothecary’ by Kristi Huggins. I know Kristi personally, she’s a gem (pun intended). Follow this LINK to learn more about her book. It’s laid out in alphabetical order — by ailment — with a list of crystals that have the therapeutic and metaphysical properties for that specific issue.

The size of the crystal doesn’t matter. A small piece of your chosen stone will be sufficient. Start by thoroughly cleansing the crystal. Then gather the other two items you’ll need for preparing the elixir or essence: (1) Clear glass jar with lid, and (2) Good drinking water (i.e., bottled, mineral, reverse osmosis, or distilled). If you’ve got good tap water, then use that.

Sunlight or Moonlight
Next you need to decide whether you are going to use sunlight or moonlight for infusing your elixir or essence. As mentioned before, a general rule for an elixir or essence that will be used for physical purposes or bodily healing should be created with sunlight. An elixir that will be used for emotional, mental, or spiritual purposes should be created with moonlight.

Choose a day or night when the sky is cloud-free, as the infusion process is best accomplished with direct sun/moon light for at least three hours. Some people keep crystals in water for 24 hours. I keep my elixir jars in a wide window sill all the time. That way they get sunlight during the day and moonlight during the evening. Some people take 7-14 days to make an elixir. Regardless, spend time each day to mentally reinforce your intention.

If there is cloud covering, you won’t be able to create a strong enough infusion in only three hours. In other words, the energy pattern of the stone won’t have enough time to imprint the water and it will need to be left out all day/night.

If you’re interested in learning more about water and intention, I highly recommend reading “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto.

Dosage and Administration
Dosages and methods of administration vary depending on the source you refer to. Some practitioners recommend only 2 drops of elixir mixed in a glass of water daily, while others suggest drinking it undiluted directly from the jar it was made in. I suggest you use your own intuition to decide on the dosage and frequency of administration.

I’m a “chug it from the jar” practitioner. The photograph is of my personal elixir jars. The big one in the back is a half-gallon Mason jar, the one on the right is a quart, and the one with a cork on the left is less than a quart. I drink each jar daily.

The only one I don’t chug down is the one in the front—that’s Baltic Sea amber. I take that one drop per day sublingually—directly under the tongue with a dropper. The rich blood supply to the mouth area and the thin skin under the tongue allows for rapid absorption of the elixir. The sitting time for that elixir was 30-days before use. That jar will last years. Why only one drop? That’s not water – it’s 190 proof grain alcohol.

One thing to remember is that once you choose a dosage you need to stick with it. Crystal elixirs and essences are designed to gently affect the body and mind over a period of time — not instantaneously. You need to continue use for at least one month to achieve the best results. After that time you may decide to cut down the dosage and eventually stop. Treatment can be repeated if you feel the need arise.

Please follow this LINK for a list of crystals that should never be used to make elixirs in the above-described manner. The basic rule of thumb is this: any stone containing metals should not be used. This includes most brightly colored blue and green stones — as these often take their coloring from metals, and metals can be toxic in humans. Water leaches the toxins from the stone, which would then be ingested. Also avoid any shiny, metal-like stones because most metals are toxic to humans.

Refer to the list (see link above) when making an elixir to insure that you do not select a stone that can cause you harm. If you have any doubt — do not use the crystal. In other world, when in doubt, leave it out. There are other crystals that possess the same therapeutic and metaphysical properties that are safe to use.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               – Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

23 thoughts on “Elixirs and Essences – Cheers!

  1. Laurie,

    Professor I know I am days behind in my study so I will play catch up today hopefully!

    Very interesting information here on elixirs and essences, thank your for the links as well, always good to have sources to check research.
    I have never used elixirs and or essences in my practice yet it may be a good source to look into.

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – I’m glad you’re here. Yes, please do check out the links I provided to the wonderful resources. Too bad your not in my geographic location as I’m teaching a class on gemstone elixirs and essences on Sunday, July 18th at HolEssence.

  2. Laurie,

    I was just thinking that I would be at Holessence all the time if I where in the area! You are a source and wealth of wisdom and knowledge I have been seeking in my area! Maybe I am it and I just have to created the space for all this to come about yet!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – You may well have hit upon a life-truth … maybe YOU’RE the one in your area. I like the idea of you creating space to sit with this thought and ponder, and then maybe enlarge the space to bring it about.

  3. Hi, Laurie, Faith and I saw an exhibit of Masuro Emoto’s water photograph’s, I can’t remember where right off hand but I was incredibly impressed with his work. I could look at hundreds off them and never get bored. Matter of fact, I heard you should always bless your drinking water also as well as your food. When you see his work it becomes very clear why this would be beneficial. Very interesting stuff!

    • Sandi – I wish I could have been with you and Faith at Masuro Emoto’s exhibit. I’m so glad you brought up his suggestion of blessing your drinking water and food before you eat/drink. I always give mine a bow of acknowledgement and gratitude. And I chew, chew, chew practically down to puree before I swallow my food. I take the time to enjoy the taste and texture of what I’m eating. Even with a plant-based diet, something gave up it’s life for my sustenance, the least I can do is acknowledge it, be grateful, and taste it.

    • Beth – It does kinda look like a lab, doesn’t it? The amber one tasts absolutely disgusting. I immediately chase that single drop under my tongue with a cuppa hot water with fresh lemon or lime squeezed in it — and it still leaves a nasty taste. Like I said, it’s 190 proof pure grain alcohol — ick!

  4. what an interesting form of therapy, Laurie! since I drink upwards of a gallon of water a day (the only other liquid I drink is decaf coffee), I might get me a book and try this. I would especially be interested in an elixir I could take with me in my water jug to the tennis court!

    • Barbara – you could make your elixir in a BIG Mason jar and then transfer it to your water jug. You can find the BIG half-gallon Mason jars at Ace Hardware (at least that’s where I get my jumbo-sized ones. You have to buy them six at a time — but I use glass (as opposed to plastic) to store stuff in so it wasn’t an issue.

  5. This is truly fascinating, Laruie. I didn’t know very much about elixers at all. I am going to give my daughter a nudge to come over and read this. As you know she is also opening to new modalities for healing. I think it would be utterly fascinating to come down to HolEssence some day and be under your complete healing guidance. Yes. Some day, perhaps.

    • Kathy – I’d love for your daughter to swing by Speaking from the Heart again. Crystal Lake is a l-o-n-g haul from your neck of the woods, but we’d be tickled pink to have you in our healing studio! But maybe, just maybe, I’ll be up in God’s Country one of these days. Have hands will travel 🙂

  6. Laurie, I’ve been enjoying these posts so very much! Have used many of these therapies and techniques in the past but have drifted away from some of it. This has been such a good reminder. I was very blessed to be able to hear Masuro Emoto speak some years ago and have been blessing our drinking water ever since….using a conscious blessing along with intent and also a simple handwritten card with the words love and gratitude that is placed on our water container.
    Thank you for this. Wish you had a west coast Hollessence!

    • Colleen – I’m so glad you’re getting value from Speaking from the Heart. Thank you for letting me know. You actually got to hear Masuro Emoto speak. Oh, what a neat experience! I love that you’ve been blessing your drinking water ever since.

  7. Your post Laurie is like getting to see what is behind the secret door. The person I see here on Mayne Island uses both of these and is always telling me what time of the moon it is and that she is making a special this or that to use for such and such. I only half listen because it is so nice to have someone else taking the lead for an hour or so.

    • Terrill – I’m so glad you’ve got someone who takes this type of approach on Mayne Island, and that you don’t have to jump on a ferry to get the the mainland for this type of energy-based therapy. I know what you mean by “… nice to have someone else taking the lead for an hour or so.” It’s delicious (therapeutic in and of itself) to be able to let go of the reins, knowing that you’re in safe and wise hands.

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