Whine and Cheese

While I haven’t actually thrown myself on the ground, or kicked and screamed, Len just asked me, “Laurie, would you like some cheese with your whine?” In other words, I’ve been fussing, whining, and generally belly-aching.

When we contacted the Geek Squad Recovery Team to find out the status on the potential recovery of the data on my dead hard drive, they said they hadn’t received it yet and that they’d send us an email with a status once they did. In other words, “Cool your jets, lady.”

A person can only clean so much! After that, I apparently throw my pent-up energy into whining. I said I didn’t believe it. Len said, “You know how you’ve threatened to record my snoring? Well, I’m going to record your whining.”

“Yes, thank you very much. I’d like a glass of merlot and some blue stilton cheese with crackers …”

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
– Laurie Buchanan

Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All Rights Reserved.

31 thoughts on “Whine and Cheese

  1. Laurie,

    Love the humor here! Laughing at yourself is a good relief !

    Of course we understand your frustrations! It seem that the universe is informing you that it has other things for you to be doing, and or accepting. Only you know what that is.
    In spite of you not having “your” computer and all your stuff you have managed to stay connected!

    I am Love, Jeff

    • Jeff – It’s good to laugh, even when it’s at myself. This afternoon I’ve got a grin plastered on my face as Len’s loaded the Camedia software onto my new hard drive. That means I can transfer the photographs I had on my camera, to my laptop.

  2. ThankS for letting those true thoughts out!

    It is frustrating,especially when your business is so tied to this. That ego is showing a little and its ok!

    As for the wine and cheese, – could arrange that one.

    Take care and enjoy the cloud free morning today.The sun is bright and welcoming today.


  3. Gardening, cleaning, walking, ironing (if you still own an iron, I do) or your food and/or drink of choice can to the trick. It’s a test of patience and reminds our “Yellow Brain” personality that we cannot always be in control. Cheers! Sheila

  4. Oh Laurie I feel for you – I really dislike it when my computer is down. Often this has meant a new purchase… which thankfully means it is a long time between having to deal with this issue.

    If you want to add photos to your blog posts please, feel free to borrow mine from my flickr sets at http://www.flickr.com/photos/26017374@N07/sets as they are easy to access and you should be able to do it just by putting the url in. It is where I post my family and event photos so you will have to work around that to find nature photos and things. I know it is not the same as your own special images but if it works go for it!

    • Terrill Thank you so much for your kind offer, I sincerely appreciate it. Len just loaded the Camedia software onto my laptop so I am now able to transfer the photographs in my camera onto my laptop. There aren’t a lot, but it’s something for me to work with until we get the restored data back from the Geek Squad.

      • Oh great Laurie… glad that part has been worked out. Perfect incentive to take more photos…”I only have these few and I would like to have the perfect one for….” and there you will be snapping away.

  5. Hello Laurie,
    Well I wont ask how your days going?
    I think whining now and then is fine. But just like you should never rush a mechanic working on your car you should probably let the Geeks do their thing.
    I have learned something through your whining, I have not heard of blue stilton cheese. I have a pretty good deli in town and I will ask if they have stilton cheese.
    I can not upload pictures to my comments here so I am starting a new place to blog. So far I am not as regular as you and everyone else but I will find my feet soon.
    New blog for Jean Hart Artwork


    Everyone Welcome. The coffee is always on or tea if you wish. Sorry no cookies, I’m dieting to fit into my dress for Sarah’s wedding.
    I just put up a new painting, new style and would love comments.

    Our Hot Air Balloon Ride was awesome on the “Misbehavin” with pilot Gayle McCoy. This will give you an idea of the landscape I live in, desert. But we have the most beautiful mountains. The “Ruby Mtns”
    here is my slide show.


    I will be planting raspberries, and strawberries in the garden today.


    • JeanBlue Stilton Cheese is my absolute favorite. Here’s a LINK to learn more about it. I am about to do some file transfers, but once done, I will come back and follow the links that you’ve provided.

  6. Hi Laurie

    I’m on a dairy and alcohol free diet.
    Staring down the thin end of one’s own mortality can give one a bit of strength of will 😉

    When you do get your machine back, I use a little shareware program call DirSync

    I have it running on all the machines, and late in the evening it shares and Synchronizes all the key folders and sub folders.

    I find it a great wee tool.
    Can use it for whole folders, for subfolders as well, or just for single files.

    At $20 per machine it is great peace of mind.
    Having it on each machine means that if one isn’t there, then the rest still do their stuff. We have 3 laptops as well as 3 desktops in the house.
    I do need to check occasionally, which I do about once a month, that things are actually copying, and it has not yet let me down in the 8 years I have been using it.

    • Ted – Being dairy and alcohol free is an excellent plan (for anyone, for that matter). I hope you’re still hammering mega doses of Vitamin C, lots of fresh water, and heaping servings from the list I sent you. Recently you shared that Ailsa said you were skinny bones. Are you maintaining, losing, or gaining? I hope you’re in a strong maintaining or gaining mode.

      I have passed that information along to Len — he says THANK YOU — and that he’ll put it to excellent use!

      • Hi Laurie

        It was an attempt at a double entendre joke – with no whining, and no cheese to go with it (I’ve had to avoid both at both levels 😉 ).

        Have reduced the Vitamin C a little, and still doing at least 10g a day.

        My energy has been on the up the last few days, and I think my weight also.



      • Ted Len told me to to tell you CONGRATULATIONS! When I asked why, he said that New Zealand’s team is looking FANTASTIC for the World Cup! I am so glad to know about your energy and your weight — both are key!

  7. Bitch, moan and whine! I’m glad to know you can….other wise I would be afraid of you, looking to see if you were hiding a halo and wings behind your back. Yep, it’s a real stunner to know that everyone in world is on-line and free to know whatever they want at the hit of a key. Talk about feeling out of the loop! You’ve cleaned your house, re-done the shop and you’re ready to burst with energy. What did you do before? Before the computer became your machine of choice? Oh, and try some Gala apple slices with that Stilton, it’s just perfect. Really, you have my heartfelt sympathy, I wish you had a garden to go play in.

    • Sandi – Trust me, there’s no halo or wings hiding anywhere on my person. Len gives a hearty, “Amen!” and Eoghan would echo that sentiment if he were here. You asked what I did before the computer became the machine of my choice. I scrapbooked (and scrapbooked, and scrapbooked some more). We’re going to have an award-winning weather day today, and because I don’t have my stuff to work on — yet — I’m going to get on my bike, camera in hand, and head out on a photo adventure.

  8. Oh, yes, I know how you feel. I like to tell people I’m a lower case “l” luddite. If it wasn’t for my computer savvy husband I would have pitched this machine out the window years ago.
    However, I must admit that the computer has brought may good things into my life as well…for example being able to read your blog. Even though I don’t often comment, please know that I’m always here, reading, lurking, gleaming as much as I can of your wisedom.
    I do hope that your current computer problems are short term and that this story has a happy ending.
    All the best

    • Leanne – I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment. Like you, I’m fortunate in that my husband is computer savvy. At HolEssence we often tease that it’s a good division of labor: he’s high-tech and I’m high-touch. And it’s nice to know that you’re “lurking” in the background. That adjective seems apropos for the type of writing that you do. One of my dear friends is a writer. In her mystery writing she has a Zen-type character who’s a combination healer-metaphysicist-herbalist. Periodically she calls and asks me about the use of crystals, herbs, energy, and vibration — especially herbs — and how they can be used to kill someone.

  9. The wine may help, Laurie! I think we can all relate to those days when our computer has taken a turn for the worse. How frustrating that can be!

    I especially remember this happening in the early days when I was head-over-heels in love with Gaia. And to be unable to communicate with everyone! It was sooo painful.

    Sometimes it seemed like the Universe was nudging and saying, “I need you to get off the computer for awhile. Yes, you may feel bored or alone. But it’s time that you turned your attention toward ME in a more focused way.”

    Yes, Universe. Mmmhmmmm. Is there any message the Universe is trying to tell you? Or is it simply the message that “these things happen”?

    • Kathy – I think the Universe’s intent is/was really close to what you’ve said, with a slight change. My focus is usually in that direction. It’s the lens the needed to be changed for a bit. A shift in perspective. I’m still looking at the same thing, but in a different way. I’m glad you stopped by today. I enjoyed reading your post on Lake Superior Spirit today.

  10. when your computer is being uncooperative, it can feel a little bit like a good friend is turning their back on you or has quit taking your phone calls … a dose of cheese and whine is understandable, just so long as you’re not force-feeding it to everyone in the room *wink*

    as someone who has probably had more than their fair share of wine and cheese, I try to remember that too much of anything leaves you with an icky tummyache, or at the very least, feeling uncomfortable and edgy … and all those sharp edges can get dangerous (smile)

    good luck on your photo expedition … how nice to be engaged in something creative and productive … an activity that has the promise of immediate gratification and unlimited possibilites!

    • Nancy – I did have a wonderful adventure today. I’ll do a show-and-tell post about it in the morning. As for the wine … I’m alcohol-free this year. I’m doing a little “test” to see what kind of difference, if any, it makes in the strength of my clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance).

  11. Laurie, I think there is some cosmic thingie affecting electronics these days. My husband’s cellphone starting oozing gel, my desktop pc is freezing up, and the laptop computer is getting balky, too. Guess we’re meant to take a break for a while, and enjoy that glass of wine and maybe a nice leisurely stroll.

    • Nan – I’m sorry that you’re in the same technological boat. Is the “cosmic thingie” Mercury in Retrograde? If yes, it’s definitely a doozie this time! I took full advantage of the beautiful weather, my bicycle, and camera and had an adventure today. I’ll write a post about it in the morning. As for the wine … I’m alcohol-free this year. I’m doing a little “test” to see what kind of difference, if any, it makes in the strength of my clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance).

  12. Periodically she calls and asks me about the use of crystals, herbs, energy, and vibration — especially herbs — and how they can be used to kill someone.

    I had a little giggle over that sentence.
    As my stories to date, don’t involve murder, I shall not be following your friends lead.

    • Leanne – I don’t know why, but I was thinking that your stories were about murder, mystery, and mayhem on Mayne Island. There goes my wild imagination again!

  13. Ugh! Laurie — I need to subscribe to the e-mail that notifies me you have posted another blog! Here, I have been waiting for the e-mail you normally send without THINKING that you might just write something for the fun of writing it. You have my empathy (having wiped out a few hard drives in my lifetime) and endless gratitude.

    • Barbara – I was doing a mass Gaia email to my friends in that community and then I got to thinking that because I post every-other-day, that might just be a bit much and perhaps not welcomed by eveyone, so I decided to just change my Gaia “status line” every time I post. My hope is that everyone who enjoys reading my posts will subscribe to my blog. It’s easy — there’s a “subscribe” box on the right hand side of the screen (you have to scroll down a wee bit). Once there, simply type in the email address where you’d like to receive your automatic notification. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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