The Eye of the Beholder

The Energy Medicine 101 “classes” are on the “dead” hard drive that’s at the “Geek Squad Hospital” being extracted. I don’t have the data back yet. But it’s an “even” day in the month so I shall post.

Not one of you … no, not one will believe what I’m about to do — shortly. I’ve been requested to take photographs for another person’s website. I’m scheduled to fulfill this request at 10:15am. And while I thoroughly enjoy taking photographs, I’m not a professional photographer. It’s a kindness that she’s asked, a compliment.

With no laptop yet, but lots of great suggestions for “Alphabetically Speaking” this fall, after the “photo shoot” this morning I’ll continue in that vein… taking photographs. Looking for subjects to capture that will support the suggested topics. Weather-wise it’s a fairly bleak day. The sky is ready to weep. Some would say it’s not a good day for taking photographs, others would say it is. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What is your definition of beauty?


14 thoughts on “The Eye of the Beholder

  1. It really might be one of the best time to shoot, because there is not glare from the Sun, no overexposure! Have fun, I am with you inspirit!

    Day off from class !!!!

    • Jeff – I’m about to head out the door. I’m glad for your input. I think I’ll put it on “auto” and let the intelligence of the camera decide whether to use a flash, or not. If I don’t like what I see in “quick view.” I’ll retake the shot and use my own intelligence (although, this really more a matter of the heart).

    • Oh Jeff, your funny! There’s no such thing as a day off. Sorry, your in it for the long hull. I like reading your comments.
      Eye of the beholder, I found a spiral shell yesterday, Do you happen to know what spirals mean? I have an understanding that they might be a powerful symbol.
      So I guess insirit we will all have to come back to class with some kind of creative project!!! That sounds fun.

    • Terrill – We were hoping to go to the park so I could photograph her doing Yoga poses for her website. But the grass was soaked and the trees were dripping. We ended up at HolEssence doing indoor photographs. Other than the tiny little “preview,” I haven’t seen them yet as that program hasn’t yet been loaded onto my laptop. We just got the new hard drive yesterday. Len’s been loading software fast and furious, but we haven’t got to that just yet.

  2. Hello Laurie,
    Sorry to hear about your computer, I went through two hard drives this year, already!!!
    You can tell while the teachers gone the kids want to play.
    Hope your photo shoot went well.
    I just got back from an amazing exprience. A reconnecting massage. Which is all about energy and no touching. After 45 min. I was so wiped out from it, I came home and took a three hour nap!!
    I also had a tarcot card pulled, and turns out I’m an “Wolverine”, I am stronger than I think I am.” That made sense to me, considering all thats been going on lately.
    “Alphabetically Speaking sounds great, can’t wait.
    Be inspired,

    • Jean – The photo shoot did go well, it ended up being inside — not because of the overcast, but because of the wet. Your reconnecting massage (which I would refer to as energetic touch — no physical touch) sounds great! Speaking of experience, did you ever have that hot air balloon ride? And I see perfect sense in the “Wolverine” card. You are, indeed, stronger than you think.

  3. Laurie, I have had excellent results on overcast days, like Jeff said you are not fighting glare and when the sun is in the 10 to 2 position you also can find the it “bleaches” out your color and depth. I say, when you take your camera, go to have fun, we are not grading you on this test. Click away! It’s digital!

    • Sandi – The photo shoot was great fun! She’d hoped to do yoga poses in the park for her website. The overcast didn’t stop us — unfortunately, the sopping wet grass and dripping trees did. We went to HolEssence and did the photographs there instead. Len will load the software I need on my new hard drive today, and I’ll transfer the shots from camera to laptop today to get a really good view of how they turned out.

  4. Photography is writing with light.

    I have total certainty that you are a very magical photographer.

    Art is art when it has been commented on by the eye of the beholders. Your photos communicate life and bring it out in all who touch with you in these blogs and social networks.

    You bring us magic.

    I call the sky you’ve described as a God Sky… nicely filtered to capture any subject. We use an overcast day to shoot actors here and if it’s too sunny, we set them under a tree to get that natural filtering you mention.

    Have a splurgy day with art…C R E A T E…..

  5. Jean,

    I know that I have come upon the use of the spiral several times along my journey.
    I think first in the study and work of co-dependancy Melody Beattie, in her books discuss, our trip around the spiral of our addictions/recovery.
    Later when I began work with the Gateway to Conscious Evolution Barbara Marxx Hubbard, used the spiral to express the process of evolution of humans to evolutionary beings.
    Than when I received my first Reiki level, the first symbol is part spiral to open the energy and to heal.

    According to the site below the spiral has been found in all places around the world. Gleaming meaning is for the beholder to understand at the time the symbol presents itself to you, what it means, and how to use the spiral to inform your journey…

  6. Laurie — you have taken some beautiful pictures that had us all foaming at the mouth and drooling. Remember your visit to Carmel? You took some great photos of that. At some point, I have got to get a decent all-around camera and do the same think like Kathy suggests: write with light.

    • Barbara – First of all, thank you. Next a wee bit of good news. Len loaded the Camedia software onto my new hard drive today. Now I can transfer the photos the photos I had on my camera to my laptop. It’s not a lot, but it’s something and I am grateful.

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