It’s All In Your Head – Cranial Therapy

Cranial Therapy by Len Buchanan

Cranial Therapy by Len Buchanan

The lines of junction between the bones of the skull are known as cranial sutures. This is where the natural movement between the skull bones takes place. Sometimes a restriction can occur.

Using very gentle finger pressure and hand holds to the cranial sutures, the practitioner’s intent is to facilitate a release. That is when a restriction is unblocked and the bones are able to resume their natural movement pattern. This allows the subtle natural rhythms of the central nervous system to express themselves in a balanced fashion.

Cranial Therapy is useful in relieving stress and tension-related problems including migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome (TMJ).

To learn more about this energy-based modality, please follow this LINK to the Cranial Therapy page on the HolEssence website.

A special thank you to Kim Grady of Butterflies Galore for graciously modeling for the Cranial Therapy photograph.

Have you ever received Cranial Therapy? If yes, please share your experience.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

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               – Laurie Buchanan
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29 thoughts on “It’s All In Your Head – Cranial Therapy

  1. Hi, Laurie — I have never had cranial therapy, but I am a big believer in hands-on therapy that massages any part of the body! I do know that the Thai yoga massages that I used to get helped immensely with my migraine symptoms. If I could find a qualified practitioner around here, I would definitely go.

    • Barbara – I would Google Cranial Therapy plus your zip code. Once you’ve got some results, I would first check out their webswite, and then call and talk with the practitioner (making sure that s/he is certified). I’m glad you stopped by — thank you.

  2. Laurie, this sounds like something I would really go for. I always feel like my head is too tight anyway and it would do a world of good to have it loosened up. It really wants to have a little give and wiggle room. Faith worked for several years with a holistic practitioner for several years, maybe I should look her up and have her try this on my up-tight noggin.

    • Oh my gosh, Sandi — YES! A cetified Cranial Therapy practitioner has the ability to manually release endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and seratonin; all healing chemicals that are naturally produced by the brain. Perfect for your noggin’!

    • Jeff – I’m glad you were in class, thank you. If you ever get the opportunity to try Cranial Therapy, please give it a go — you’d love it. It’s not only good for a person, it feels wonderful.

  3. If it’s anything like having your hair shampooed by a really good Cosmetologist, like one I know at Aveda, or something like a Shiatsu Stone Massage I received while in the Islands… I would melt in your hands.

    Enjoyed class today.

    Aloha =)

    • EVERYONE – I’m on Len’s laptop because I accidentally killed my hard drive. Yes, the one that has EVERYTHING (including my manuscript, every article I’ve ever written, every bit of curriculum I’ve ever written – you get the idea) on it. Dell is overnighting a new hard drive. In the meantime, Len is getting an external drive enclosure to attempt to recover the data. I would normally post in the morning (Sat., June 12), but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Maybe in the later afternoon …

      • EVERYONE – When said on Friday, the term “Over-nighting” a hard drive means you receive it Monday, NOT Saturday. Oy vey! The information on my old hard drive is being “extracted” (resurrected?) by “The Geek Squad.” Tuesday we should receive a call letting us know the status.

        Please enjoy this unexpected “school break.”

  4. I have received cranial therapy from two different practitioners. In both cases the work was part of a whole body scan and clearing session. What I noticed both times with the cranial therapy was an intense deepening of my sense of grounding and vibrational acuity between my physical and spiritual realms (if that makes sense… searching for words to describe this experience is challenging). I also noticed that the addition of cranial therapy added longevity to the the strength of the healing session.

    • “What I noticed both times with the cranial therapy was an intense deepening of my sense of grounding and vibrational acuity between my physical and spiritual realms.” Oh yes, Terrill – your words are a perfect description of the experience — thank you.

  5. I have never had cranial therapy but the relative positioning of the head and neck are very important and one of the key elements when studying “the FM Alexander technique” which I’ve done for some time & hope to get back to soon

  6. I was lucky enough to study with Pedro de Alcantara- friend, teacher & musician. His book “The Alexander technique- A skill for life” is an excellent introduction to the technique

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  9. I received cranial therapy on a regular basis
    Now I make an appointment when it is due and I feel my body needs it.
    Meanwhile I took up meditating, Aura Soma, and Reiki so this form of therapy is in the background now, because I am capable to find balance be other means.
    My practitioner studied 4 years in France, so his level of skill is very high. And at the end is it always a relationship of trust.
    I felt very good with that kind of therapy.

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