The Master Key to Healing

Bridging the Gap by Laurie Buchanan

Bridging the Gap by Laurie Buchanan

Ranked a great virtue in numerous philosophies, compassion is considered in all the major spiritual traditions as among the greatest of virtues. I recently came across this quote from Matthew Fox, an American Episcopalian priest and theologian. It said, “Compassion is not sentiment, but is making justice and doing works of mercy. Compassion is not a moral commandment but a flow and overflow of the fullest human and divine energies.”

The virtues of the heart help us make more conscious and ethical decisions; they are what fuels great souls. It is my personal belief that love is a person’s divinity in action.

Compassion is vital to the healing process; the common denominator of all restoration. When we hold heart-based intent (Light, Divine Love) for another person, it yields a dividend; the promotion of health and wellbeing for both the sender and the receiver. It activates HeartLight – illumination of the sacred space within.

It is my perspective that healing cannot take place without love. Like a blade of light that pierces the darkness, HeartLight in our sacred space, inner sanctuary, can remove dis-ease and restore wholeness—body, mind and spirit.

Have you ever been part of the healing process for yourself?
Have you ever been part of the healing process for someone else?


30 thoughts on “The Master Key to Healing

  1. Such a beautiful description of compassion and linking it to holding sacred space for others helps me feel it at a deeper, more integrated level. We can act compassionately, and then also feel compassion even when we are “powerless” to act. Holding sacred space within for someone who is far away from us is, for me, a very powerful act. You and I both know that our energies have intersected in surprising ways online (along with others . . . just thinking about using the same phrase as Terrill and Nancy’s response to my blog in the past few days). I just know that whatever thoughts and feelings I have for another get translated into energy, and that energy finds it way to that person in some way. I know that I am always a part of my own healing process, but it did take me a long time own my power back from doctors and medications. While my girls were growing up, I know I made space for them to help them heal whatever might have been running amok in their bodies. Even with my granddaughter, I have had her upon occasion when she has been running a fever, suffering from small malady, and it is so easy to just make a little nest for her, give her whatever her body is asking for, comfort her, and just let her own natural healing process do its thing.

    Thank you for what I consider a very “settling” lesson today. You helped me make a connection between two energies that I had not been aware of before.

    • Barbara – Good morning to you as you start the holiday weekend. I’m glad you stopped by and shared. I believe our thoughts (intent) are oftentimes more powerful than “actions.” For example, none of us up here in the states can actually “touch” Ted in New Zealand. There’s not much “physical” action we can do on his behalf. But the energy of our thoughts is powerful. And when he mentions specific physical locations (ear, eye, between shoulder blades, etc), we can be even more specific when we channel/direct our thoughts/intent/energy.

      It’s interesting you mention the intersection of our energy online. Yes, that has happened on a number of occasions. And the number of people and occurrence seems to be growing as well.

      I like how you shared about creating a “nest” for your granddaughter, January, so her own natural healing process could take over and work uninterrupted on her behalf. I know that you and Jonathan and January are going to spend some fun time together at the Arboretum this weekend — have a wonderful time!

  2. Laurie – first, what a gloriously beautiful photo! I can practically feel the healing energy of the light from here.

    I appreciate the wisdom in your words about compassion being part of the healing process. During the years after I became a mother, I found it critical to do some work in the area of recovering and healing from my abusive past. I believe that the process of becoming a parent myself allowed me the ability to leave room for compassion towards my parents. This helped bridge the gap between pain and forgiveness, and set us on a healing path.

    Later, when I was reaching out to my father in the years before he became terminally ill with cancer, and then later still, when I was caring for my mother in the end stages of her life, compassion was at the very core of our relationship. It was the touchstone of how we chose to interact with one another, and allowed our love to grow.

    It was always important to me that my parents knew that I recognized that despite our troubled past, that there was no doubt that I knew that they had loved me, (in their own capacity and in their own way). It was also important to me that they were able to feel secure in the truth that I genuinely felt love towards them as well. Compassion flowed both ways, and forgiveness followed.

    As I continue working through the stages of grief after the death of my parents, I take comfort in knowing that we were able to use the voice of compassion to find a common ground. The healing journey continues for me, and I thank you for this timely reminder that with compassion and love, we have the opportunity for the healing process to bathe us in a gentle light than can pierce any darkness. All we have to do is turn our face towards the light, and absorb the healing energy.

    • Nancy – I’m glad you enjoy the photograph. In 1973 (during the gas shortage/rationing) I was 16 years old traveling in a car that went off that bridge and into the river below — the Calapooia River in Oregon state. It was an accident that could very easily have claimed my life. I returned many years (decades) later and took this photograph. I like to think those beams of sun were just for me.

      I so appreciate what you shared here in regards to what happened with your parents — [compassion] “This helped bridge the gap between pain and forgiveness, and set us on a healing path.”

      And “Compassion flowed both ways and forgiveness followed.”

      Thank you for coming by today. There is tremendous power in the sharing of that story.

  3. Thank you Laurie. This morning I’ve gotten caught up on all the blog posts I’ve missed this month. You said:

    “It is my perspective that healing cannot take place without love.”

    Is it true, then, that in the very beginning stages of healing one must feel genuine love from someone else? As the love transmutes in the person being healed, then he/she can give unconditional love to others. I suppose it all depends on the spirit of the person being healed. There are some that can radiate love at an early age, but some who are so deprived of love that they couldn’t give it unless they get it first.

    • Jessica – I don’t believe that healing love has to necessarily come from someone else–an outside source. It can come from, or start at, the place of self. Once we love our self, others are drawn to us. Many times that generates love toward us on their part (I’m not speaking of romantic love; rather, platonic love for humankind).

      In the case of someone who is so deprived of love that they don’t even love themselves, I always ask for Divine Love to intervene on their behalf (not that that’s not already taking place — I’m just “stirring” that energy, so to speak). I also call in the love of what I shall call “angels” because that’s a term that most people are familiar with. In the case of healing, I usually work with Archangel Raphael (also known as Heaven’s Physician).

      I don’t know if I answered your question, or not. Please let me know. If not — I’ll give it another go.

  4. The portrait painted here Laurie,especially considering what actually happened on that same bridge so many years ago.

    I experience compassion from the Divine Love and guidance of God. I believe I have truly been blessed with the compassion of others, some even on this blog and other blogs.

    Heartlight and prayer are also very important in my life as I pray for others. Tonight we are going to sing at a wake and also in the choir for the funeral tomorrow morning. Please hold sacred space for the family of our friend and also his wife at this difficult time.

    Divine Love to you all.

      • The wake last night and the funeral today were wonderfully spiritual. I think Delores, the wife of Ray the deceased, truly appreciated all her choir friends giving such a beautiful tribute in song. She was always looking over to us and smiling as the services were being said. She also was very loving and came to hug us all at the wake and funeral. She was truly glowing with the Lord’s love as she faced this difficult time. Being in her late 70’s and walking with her cane did not stop her from seeing every one of her freinds and family. Now mind you this is a lady that we have to help just walk into church on Sundays. God works many miracles every minute.

        Mike and Joe are golfing a bit and OREOZ is trying to keep cool….we put some ice cubes in his water…

        Take care and have a great time in the yard..


  5. Hi Laurie~~love seems to be a key ingredient in healing, that is for certain. Sometimes I think that our perceived lack of “wholeness” is because we cannot open our hearts to some of the perceived opposites within us. We open to love, but conditionally.

    I have been part of the healing process for both myself and for many many other people. Especially from 1987-2002 I worked with many people energetically and spiritually. Healing work was my main “vocation” during those years before Spirit beckoned me to move more inward into meditation. (OK, and Spirit said it was OK to blog. That was the outward part.)

    Enjoying reading this material very much.

    • Kathy – you certainly hit the nail on the head when you said, “We open to love, but conditionally.” I didn’t know that healing used to be your main vocation — that’s cool! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying this “class.” What makes it special is the input from everyone. I’m glad for your visit — that you for your comment.

  6. Thanks, Laurie, for sharing all these views with us, I need to see how compassionate I can be with my own body, and let it heal at it’s own rate, not by a date marked on a calendar.

    • Sandi – Some healing is done in baby steps, some in leaps-and-bounds, and yet others somewhere in-between. I’m in agreement that your body knows the right pace for you. Barbara shared a story earlier about making a “nest” for her granddaughter, January, she she could just rest while her body did its healing work. After all the work you’ve been doing, I think a “nest” would be a perfect gift to give your body.

  7. Hi Laurie & Team

    I agree that compassion has amazing power.
    Making the effort, to the best of one’s ability, to put oneself in the place of another, is a major part of the journey to understanding and awareness.

    Another aspect of it is looking at the things that have seemed the worst of misfortunes have in time become great assets. In my case that applies to much of my early childhood, where I couldn’t make an R sound, and got teased a lot. At the time is was not much fun. Now I can see that the experience has given me a level of compassion for others that I could not otherwise have experienced.

    So many other experiences, including the current one of metastasized melanoma.

    Being open to possibility, in the face of such a declaration, is an “interesting” experience.

    If even a small part of the information contained in the RaveDiet site is accurate, then we have some clear examples of some deep seated problems in using money as a control tool.

    It is going to take some compassion to change the locus of control within the world administrative systems.

    • Ted – I agree with every single observation you’ve made. Including the one about misfortunes — that has been true in my life as well. Ailsa, who was condemned to life in a wheelchair now leads hiking excursions. I have learned to be open to possibility. I believe in miracles.

      And you’re right that if even a small portion of the information in the RaveDiet site is true, then we’ve got deep-seated problems with money as a control tool.

      Today is the first day of a three day holiday for us (Memorial Day), we’re heading into the yard to mow, edge, trim hedges, dead-head rose bushes, and asundry yard work. I will be posting again tomorrow (always on the “even” days of the month). Have a great weekend!

    • Jessica – I’m glad that answered it. I also use the frequency of the color green. And while I incorporate the frequency of many different crystals, my number one choice is always Clear Quartz (it’s knows as the Master Healer). My second choice is Blue Kyanite (it’s known as the Blade of Archangel Michael). Have a great weekend!

  8. Our bodies are so filled with love that their natural response is to heal, when our minds are tuned in to that kind of love, we see healing happening all around us…Life wants to be healed, whole. It is our natural state… 🙂

    • Meenakshi – It’s so good to hear from you! Are you back from India, or are you still there? I’m sorry for the loss of your father. How is your mother doing?

  9. oh me, oh my…must be that transfusions were needed else where before I answered this one, huh:)

    Your words of healing are always appreciated luv and I thank thee for offering such an open channel to do these comment – come backs -()-

    Your compassion is heart felt through all your endeavours of what you bring onto this channel and then some…..good thoughts must be always ringing in your ear ><

    ((((((wuv you))))))

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