In many cultures the Sanskrit word “Namaste” is used as a respectful greeting. Translated it means “The light in me honors the light in you;” or “I honor the light within you.” When spoken to another person, it’s commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching, and fingers pointed upwards in front of the chest. The gesture can also be performed wordlessly and carry the same meaning; acknowledgement of another’s divinity.


The optical occurrence in certain gemstones such as moonstone, opal, and Labradorite is of tremendous interest to me. It’s known as Adularescence; a distinctive shimmering or glow that appears to come from below the surface, but which is caused by diffraction of light. This phenomenon is impossible in the absence of light. The shimmering only takes place in the presence of light. It is my desire to live in a heart-based manner that radiates the presence of inner light—Divine Love.

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
– Laurie Buchanan
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The photograph is used with permission from this website.

11 thoughts on “Namaste’

  1. Namaste, Laurie… I see what you mean from the picture, of the glow that appears to come from below the surface of the labradorite. My mom’s favorite stone was an opal. Would that we all keep trying to reflect from within the abundance of light surrounding us. Thanks for the beautiful metaphor!

  2. What a beautiful stone! I wonder if it really comes from Labrador? I have a sapphire on my right hand that my Father polished and sett for my while he was station over seas. In addition to the star, which is visible from any angle, there is that inner glow that surrounds it.
    The topic you’ve chosen this morning is an interesting one as I have tried lately to see more of the Divine in the people I’m with. With some it is very easy, they too, glow with an inner light. Some make it it harder by hiding their light with resentments, negativity and rejection. I know it is still there, I just have a more difficult time connecting with it. But, as the wise man said, “If God saw fit to give him breath, who am I to deny him?”

    • Sandi – There’s a saying about hiding one’s Light under a bushel. We’ve all got it, some just choose to keep it covered, giving us a wee glimpse every now and then.

      I looked up the origin of Labradorite. This is what it said: “Labrador (Canada), Finland, Norway, Madagascar, and the former Russia.”

  3. Your intent is so strong and beautiful, Laurie. I can feel your namaste deeply… Bowing to you this evening (with no spiders in hand!) tee hee…

  4. Namaste to you Laurie…

    This little light of mine I’m GONNA LET IT SHINE….

    Have a great weekend, it is a bit grey in our part of the area. It is shining from the north of me! Crystal Lake….:-) Kim

  5. Oreoz is doing great.
    He is the best..I took him this afternoon for grooming…He is handsome and smells good- bathed, cut,ear’s cleaned,nails trimmed. All dressed up and no where to go but chase the robins and his shadow, his two favorite pastimes.
    We have got to plan a time when you can meet him.


    • Kim – The next time you come to HolEssence for reflexology, bring him along. We’re dog friendly. He can come into the treatment room and lay down while I work on your feet. If you don’t think he’d last an hour, schedule a half-hour session.

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