Sacred Space

Sacred Space by Laurie Buchanan

Sacred Space by Laurie Buchanan

When someone asks me to pray for them I agree to hold HeartLight—sacred space. This past weekend we created sacred space at my healing studio, HolEssence. What then is sacred space? To me it can be a literal place, a heart/mind location, or time that is sanctified—set aside for a divine purpose.

Sacred space is self-defined and different for each person. It can be something we create by intent such a room in our home or an outdoor labyrinth. Or, it can be something that already exists like a “cathedral” of trees or stones we find in nature. Be it a place, a mindset, or stillness of time, sacred space is anywhere we meet with Divine Love.

Where is your sacred space?



25 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. Laurie,
    This picture, portrait is the Divine! It is beautiful.

    Where was it taken?

    You are right it is a heart/mind transformation……

  2. Laurie, I am heartened by your definition of Sacred Space. I would be hard pressed in my tiny house to even find space much less consecrate it a Sacred. But there are many spaces outside of my home that I see as special and well-suited to called Sacred. David and I have planned a small grove of dogwood and redbud trees to memorialize our family members who have already crossed. I think we can make that a Sacred Space for us.

  3. It will have to be in the Spring to catch the rains, you saw the photo of the land that is being cleared. I posted it the day he hurt his leg. To the right of that area is a space that contains some older pines, perfect for the small, under-story trees we are planting. My Dad and I had planned to this anyway, to make it a park of sorts for the family, David will just take up where Dad left off.

    • Sandi – I like the term “under-story trees” — even though I’m not familiar with it, I know exactly what you mean. I like those kind of descriptor words (phrases). I hope you’ll photo log the process as you and David more forward with the project. Speaking of David … how’s his leg?

  4. Laurie, I often find myself living and being in sacred space a lot. When I am in sacred space I intuitively know that my energy fields are free to extend into infinity. It is more than just safe. There are no barriers or blocks. There is abundance, healing, growth, letting go, dieing and birth. There are the seasons, and the elements.

    Beautiful photography:) Thank you for your thought provoking post Laurie.

    • Terrill – I love when you said, “When I am in sacred space I intuitively know that my energy fields are free to extend into infinity.” The photo that you gifted me — Cliff Echo Bay — is just such a spot. Thank you for the photographic compliment. That photo was taken about ten years ago (before I had a digital camera). Len scanned it for me so that I could use it in this post.

  5. I like your Sacred Space, Laurie. It inspires me to create one of my own here at Jonathan’s (I have a whole room to myself . . . well, I have to share it with Magic, but it is defined in the house as my sacred space). I think the presence needs to be physical for me, but I do know that I can create a still sacred space throughout my day just by sitting back, becoming mindful, and finding that still point.

  6. Laurie, it is doing much better, the rainbow has faded and the swelling has gone down. He was over here Saturday to do some more work and had borrowed my lawn mower to pull the trailer with. I thank God I was at work, when the fan belt broke and he had to spend his morning and part of Mike’s working on it. I’m just glad he didn’t lose any body parts over it and I was spared all the bad words that accompany that kind of repair.

  7. I’m definitely a picture person, and that picture is STUNNING! WOW Laurie! You’ve done a find job 🙂 Your entry is also lovely 🙂

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