Living Legacy


Hibiscus by Laurie Buchanan

Hibiscus by Laurie Buchanan

The culmination of our life experience—how we spend or invest our life—is our legacy. It is my perspective that a legacy is not about leaving a sum of money behind. Rather, it’s about our contribution. Whether we’re a global citizen like Mother Teresa, or a local citizen, our legacy is permanent and has lasting impact. Intended or not, as individuals we influence others. Our actions and inactions; the words we say or leave unsaid, each have an effect—positive or negative—on others.

If Divine Love is our compass, our legacy will reflect inner wealth. It will be evidenced by health, peace of mind, joy, gratitude, contentment, quality relationships, loving what we do, emotional fulfillment, integrity, the list goes on. We may not be wealthy, but our life will indeed be rich. And our legacy will be one of true and lasting value. Have you thought about what your legacy will be; what you will be remembered for?

Listen with your heart,

Laurie Buchanan

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”
               ~ Laurie Buchanan
Copyright © 2010 Laurie Buchanan — All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Living Legacy

  1. Laurie, I sometimes think that my life is like that of a plant. My thoughts, ideas, creations and so on will be rapidly composted and will grow something else all together. I have spread a few seeds around and they are taking root but the conditions are different… they seem to be shaped anew and thriving.

    I don’t feel sad about this – just unable to see what might have a lasting impact for more than a few months or years after my death.

    It is okay. I will have contributed fully while I am here. That is all that I feel is necessary.

    • Sandi – This is your exceptionally long day at the Art Institute in Atlanta so I know you’ve got to be getting ready to pack it in for the evening. I’m glad you stopped by; thank you.

  2. Divine Love is our compass.

    I think that is the base of a legacy…..

    I am not sure right now if it fits me right now….I am
    Still in the refining fire….- don’t feel – have a legacy right now as you guys have in writing and art.

    In thinking further, I guess my main legacy would be love and also making better healthcare for the U.S, as I am truly involved in the lab industry nationwide. Not bad after all!…..

  3. It is always an inward journey checking on ones legacy. The legacy being an outward manifestation of who and what you are being in the world as you go about doing your life’s work.

    I am sure I have left some of both good and bad, for those who need the challenge have their inward work to do. For those who just need to have light shine on their path I have offered that.
    I know offer art as my legacy, hopefully it will speak beyond my words and beyond my life… The Divine Love the creation has offered so that I could photograph her!

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Looking back at what I shared here…..

    I have been spending a lot of time lately, pondering legacy.
    Living alone really puts it right there in your face and makes you plan and make sure all is ready if something should happen.

    I am always ready to love when love is needed, always ready, always compassionate, seeing the Divine in interactions with all kinds of people, who I may or may not know…..

    • Kim – I can well imagine that living alone would definitely get a person in “get ready mode” should anything happen. When it comes to those in your sphere of influence, I’ve witnessed you in “ready mode” — always ready, willing, and able to share compassion and Divine interactions.

  5. I just saw this link on Facebook…how did I miss this? Must have been on a vacation. How good to make us think of this. I hope my legacy might include that I have opened doors of awareness, expanded people’s limited views of life, created joy, perhaps even inspired others to look deeply within themselves and follow their heart on a journey to their ultimate destination. That I celebrated both the spiritual and the everyday. That I shared that the everyday can be magical and spiritual beyond what our thoughts might attempt to limit. Thank you for asking, Laurie.

    • Kathy – I have been on the receiving end of you sharing that the everyday can be magical and spiritual beyond what our thoughts might attempt to limit, and I’m a better person for it 🙂

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